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Griffith Centers P.A.S.A. is committed to supporting our members with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

We offer ongoing support to ensure our members’ care and independence are top priorities. We help individuals on the Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DD) and the Supported Living Services Waiver (SLS).

At Griffith Centers, we offer an array of residential services and pride ourselves in taking the time to identify the criteria you are looking for to care for individuals with developmental disabilities.


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Our Services

We offer ongoing support to ensure our members’ care and independence are the priority. Our services include:
  • Personal Care
  • Pre-Vocational Services
    and Supported Employment
  • Residential Services and Support Homes
  • Homemaker Services
    (Basic and Enhanced)
  • Behavioral Services
  • Supported Community Connection
  • Mentorship

Laura Arisohn, Director of P.A.S.A.

Meet Laura

Laura Arisohn is the Director of P.A.S.A. Programs at Griffith Centers P.A.S.A. Laura oversees Individual Residential Services and Support/Host Home, Respite Services, Supportive Community Connections, Supported Employment, Pre-Vocational Services, Personal Care, Home Maker Services (Basic and Enhanced), Mentorship Services, and Behavioral Services. She is a master at wearing many hats.

Griffith Centers (GC) is in a unique position to help individuals with developmental disabilities. GC has an almost 100-year history of working with youth and families in Colorado. GC also knows and understands that youth who are placed in our residential childcare facilities and our foster care youth are either adopted, returned to family, or emancipated out of the system. Sadly, teenagers who have developmental disabilities are harder to stabilize with their biological families as they do not know how to meet their needs and they are harder to place in adoptive homes.

GC wants to help these youth transition into adulthood without disrupting everything that is familiar to them. GC’s goal is to collaborate between GC’s programs and other available services to help the youth with developmental disabilities find the best host home placement to meet their needs. GC believes there are no other agencies in the county that offers this type of service. GC will also help others who need placement in a host home or PCA setting.

GC offers culinary classes to those members having an interest in cooking.