Our Mission

Griffith Centers Adult Care Services is committed to supporting our members with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to develop and express their unique potential. Through person-centered planning and individual programming, we assist our members in making informed choices that enhance their lives. Griffith Centers Adult Care Services is committed to providing excellent care to every member by offering a continuum of services which include residential, day, home, and community-based services.

Our Vision

With a special focus on members with behavioral issues and/or who are medically fragile, Griffith Centers Adult Care Services is the premier agency of programs for the developmentally disabled in Colorado. We look beyond the disability and focus on the capability. Each member has the right to experience meaningful relationships, personal health, growth, and live in the home of their choice. Recognize the worth, dignity, and choice of each member we serve!

Our Values

We believe in quality, dignity, and excellent care.

We believe in protecting the health and safety of all.

We believe in the uniqueness, worth, and choice of each member.

We believe in demonstrating compassion for all.

We believe in supporting visions of one’s abilities, strengths, and potential.

We believe in displaying integrity, trust, and respect.

We believe in the importance of strong relationships and community connections.

We believe in enabling joyful living with a good quality of life.

We celebrate the diversity of our members and those who live in our communities.

We believe we work for you!