Laura Arisohn

Meet Laura

Laura Arisohn is the Director of PASA Programs at Griffith Centers PASA. Laura oversees Individual Residential Services and Support/Host Home, Respite Services, Supportive Community Connections, Supported Employment, Pre-Vocational Services, Personal Care, Home Maker Services (Basic and Enhanced), Mentorship Services, and Behavioral Services. She is a master at wearing many hats.

Laura’s involvement and commitment to people with disabilities began when her son was diagnosed with his first brain tumor at two years old. This motivated Laura to learn about disability support and the opportunities available to the most needy individuals. Her son lived an independent and happy 29 years with Laura’s love and support. With each member she works for, Laura equips them with the necessary skills to be as independent as possible. Laura is a strong advocate for an individual’s rights. She is dedicated to programs running with a person-centered mindset.

After serving in the US Air Force, Laura began her career as a group home manager in Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. Next, she went on to work at the Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Advocacy Program, Special Olympics, and Candler Hospital in geriatrics. She became a NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally III) Educator in Georgia. Since being in Colorado Springs, Laura has worked as a PASA Case Manager for six years. Laura’s decades of experience and education are pioneering the opening of Griffith Centers’ PASA.

Laura’s overall goal in support of the Griffith Centers’ PASA’s Mission is to educate and equip people with I/DD with the knowledge to live independently and advocate for themselves. Each new member is empowered with choices and the knowledge that we work for them!