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Individual Residential Services and Support/Host Home

Griffith Centers for Children Inc (GCC) is in a unique position to help individuals with developmental disabilities. GCC has a 93-year history of working with youth and families in Colorado. GCC also knows and understands that youth who are placed in our residential childcare facilities and our foster care youth are either adopted, returned to the family, or emancipated out of the system.


GCC offers respite care. This is offered on a short-term basis. Respite is available days, evenings, weekends, and holidays, 24 hours, 7 days a week, and overnight up to 29 days. Although caregivers are required to at least two weeks in advance, emergency respite is available. The allotted time for respite will be determined in the member’s service plan. Respite services are offered in a variety of settings to include all aspects of the community, a host home, or in the individual’s home.

Supported Employment

At GCC, we utilize the “job-seeker driven approach”. Our members are active participants.   GCC, Supported Employment Specialist and the job seeker will meet at GCC office and create a profile of what the job seeker wants to achieve through supported employment. This phase may take several meetings and may be conducted in a setting that is more comfortable for the job seeker.

Pre-Vocational Services

At GCC we will assist individuals with developmental disabilities in acquiring and maintaining work habits and work-related skills.  GCC will provide a more generalized result as opposed to vocational training for a specific job. GCC, qualified staff will assist in any of the areas where a member needs assistance. Services include learning interview skills to include holding mock interviews, learning to write a resume, dressing appropriately for interviews, cold calls for jobs, job searching.

Personal Care

At GCC, a qualified, well-trained staff member will be capable of providing a range of assistance to enable the member to accomplish tasks that one would normally do for themselves. Staff will allow enough time for the member to do as much as they can for themselves. Staff will always respect the rights of the member to direct how their personal care is provided.

Homemaker Services (Basic & Enhanced)

GCC staff knows the importance of taking care of an individual with special needs. That is the priority and with that, basic household chores are placed on the back burner. At GCC, our commitment to service will consist of qualified staff that provides the help a member needs right in their home. Basic household chores are removed from your to-do list and accomplished by compassionate, empathetic well-trained staff.


GCC offers mentorship to our members. At GCC, a qualified, well-trained your specific needs mentor will lead by example, commit to a plan, set goals, schedule regular check-in meetings, and chart progress.

 GCC staff will become a trusted friend and confidant that can be relied on to give the member an array of choices tailored to the wants/needs of the member. The mentor will present a buffet of choices and assist the member in reviewing each choice and choosing the items that best meet their wants, desires, and needs.

Additional Care

Unique to GCC will be an Empowerment Focus Group. Organizing focus group discussions is a great way to involve different GCC members in planning and implementing, as well as in the evaluation of services provided by GCC. Not only is it an effective way to learn from the members and gain insight, but also it will mean that they feel a part of the program and have a deeper investment in their success. This makes the evaluation a process that is led by the members because they are talking about what the impacts of the program are on their lives.

GCC Objectives for the Empowerment Focus Group are:

  1. Understand current members’ feelings about services provided by GCC.
  2. Understand the attitudes of the members at different points during the life of GCC, therefore measuring the change in attitudes over time.
  3. Gather ideas from different members on ways to improve services at GCC.
  4. Understand current engagement with GCC by our members.

GCC will prepare a consent form and have it translated for all the members. The facilitator of the Empowerment Focus group discussion will be a GCC staff that the members are familiar with and whom they trust; this will create an environment where they are more honest and open about their experience. Confidentiality is an essential part of trust in the Empowerment Focus group discussion.  Both facilitator and members will understand that what is said in the Empowered Care Focus group discussion is anonymous and confidential.